Hazard Perception clips

The DVSA have released 23 new Hazard Perception CGI clips into the driving theory test to simulate adverse weather conditions including:

  • Snow
  • Fog and Rain
  • WindThere will also clip showing the type of low-level lighting experienced at dusk and dawn.

Why the new types of Hazard Perception clips are introduced

The Department for Transport’s reported road casualties report for 2017 shows that 16,406 accidents happened in the rain, sleet, snow or fog.
Of those, 205 accidents were fatal.

In wet weather, stopping distances will be at least double those required for stopping on dry roads. In icy or snowy weather, it can be as much as 10 times greater.

You can see more of the Hazard Perception clips at the  Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

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Hazard Perception - Theory Test Pro