Automatic Driving Lessons

County Driver Training

Automatic Driving Lessons in Weymouth, Dorchester and surrounding areas.

Easier To Learn

Learn Faster (Less to learn)

No Gears, No Clutch - NO Stalling

Why Learn In an Automatic Car ?

More and more learners are now turning to automatics to gain their driving licence. Auto’s can now be more economical than their manual counterparts.

Some of the hardest and challenging aspects of driving are mastering the clutch and gears, so learn in a car that has neither

No stalling with an Automatic

No tricky hill starts in an Automatic

Press the gas to go – press the brake to stop – Steer in the direction you wish to go


One thing to remember when you pass your test in an automatic car you can only drive an automatic car unless you take a new test in a manual car Information here from the DVSA