County Driver Training Mercedes A-Class

County Driver Training Mercedes A-Class

Automatic Driving School

 Weymouth Dorchester & Dorset
Established in 2005, County Driver Training is renowned for its responsible and caring approach to driving instruction in Weymouth, Dorchester, and nearby areas in Dorset. Our expert instructor specializes in automatic car driving lessons, catering to learners in Weymouth, Dorchester, and the surrounding locales. With a longstanding reputation for excellence, we are dedicated to offering top-quality driver training that meets the unique needs of each student in the Dorset region. Our instructor’s personalized approach ensures that every learner receives the attention and guidance necessary to become a confident and responsible driver.
County Driver Training Mercedes A-Class
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Why Choose Us?


Our Mercedes automatic car, selected for its outstanding safety features, boasts a top-tier five-star safety rating, ensuring a secure learning environment for our students. The choice of Mercedes is also driven by its enjoyable driving experience, making each lesson not just educational but also a delight.


With over 20 years of experience, County Driver Training is led by Rob, a DVSA Grade ‘A’ Approved Driving Instructor. Renowned for his patience, calm demeanor, and positive approach, Rob provides relaxed, motivational, and highly professional driving lessons. His methodical and friendly teaching style simplifies the learning process, ensuring a comfortable and effective driving education.


Our passion for teaching driving extends beyond just a job, especially in Weymouth, Dorchester, and Portland. Embracing the latest driver training techniques, we ensure a relaxed learning atmosphere, maximizing the benefits of each lesson. With our advanced approach, learners in our automatic cars quickly become test-ready, particularly for their driving test in Dorchester.


At County Driver Training, our experienced driving instructor is committed to ensuring significant progress in every driving lesson. We’re so confident in the quality of our service that we offer a money-back guarantee as a testament to our dedication. This guarantee is our assurance to customers in Weymouth, Dorchester, and the surrounding areas that they will receive unparalleled driving instruction.


County Driver Training provides complimentary support for the theory test. We’ve collaborated with THEORY TEST PRO,, to offer an intuitive online theory practice platform. This allows our students to comfortably prepare at home, with the added benefit of easy access to their instructor for any needed assistance, enhancing their learning experience in Weymouth, Dorchester, and surrounding areas

Track Your Progress

Maximize your driving education with our Total Drive app. It enables you to track your learning progress, conveniently handle payments, and receive timely lesson reminders. Streamline your driving journey with the app’s user-friendly features. Explore more at Total Drive.        

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